April maintenance

SCCA left me a voicemail this week to say that I was supposed to bring my ID and insurance card to my appointment and then no one checked it. They’re screening in the lobby and have footprints to help everyone stay 6 feet apart. One other interesting thing is that usually, during a port access, I have to wear a mask, but today, my nurse just had me turn my head because they are reserving masks for people who really need them.

Labs all look good and so they may increase my methotrexate a bit. Everything is actually running early today which has been strange. I will have to go up to pharmacy though and I never trust them to be on time.

In other news, we’ve been cooking, walking, rowing, watching Once Upon a Time, and yesterday Dan learned a new skill in bathroom remodeling.

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Risotto [Gluten-free | 21 DF | WW]

https://temeculablogs.com/pressure-cooker-brownies/ I added Reese’s pieces to these.

I also made biscuits and oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. We did takeout once at the beginning of restaurant closures to support a local business, but otherwise we’ve just been cooking. Our church has been online for a little while now, which Dan mostly hates but does enjoy being able to skip the songs he doesn’t like. We miss everyone though! The gym has been doing online workouts but it’s not the same. Another full month of this is already guaranteed. Sigh.

4. 3.20

Life in the days of covid

Yesterday, I went to SCCA for labs. All my numbers are very solidly within normal range, so they’re having me re-start the mercaptopurine, but only every other day.

Dan and I also had a little adventure. We went to Kaffeklatch and bought a bag of the Lake City Way coffee. It has always been my favorite, and I hadn’t had it in so long. It really is delicious. We also got takeout from Elliot Bay to support another local business. It was over 60 degrees so we just ate at the park.

Today, we went for a long walk at Bothell Landing to break up the intense Once Upon a Time binge watching that’s been happening.

These cookies are great. https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/peanut-butter-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies/



I figured I should probably check in since it’s been awhile and there’s a global emergency going on.

First of all, I am extremely thankful that I was able to finish the intense part of my treatment in January. I am no longer immunocompromised, which is a relief in times like these. The last time I was at SCCA, they were doing screenings at all entrances. UW Medicine sent an email saying they’re not doing any non-essential procedures, which would explain why I haven’t been scheduled for a blood draw this week. So I’ll just plan on the first week of April for vincristine.

Dan has three weeks off paid and just finished the first week of that. The gym made the decision to close for two weeks, delaying the start of our spring session. We will see if we can open after that.

We’ve been cooking good food and consuming Harry Potter in both film and audiobook form. We also spent a day at the cabin last week and Dan is doing some tiling for his aunt Pam tomorrow while I go into the gym one more time to do some cleaning. I’m up to 1,000 meters rowing now. I’ve been reading a fascinating book about the Lizzie Borden murder trial. I stumbled onto a list of books recommended by Gillian Flynn, so The Trial of Lizzie Borden and Until the Twelfth it Never it is, with more on hold at the library (digitally of course because all libraries have closed). I also read Authors in Chief, about all the books presidents have written. Dan thinks that reading a book about books is beyond nerdy but it was quite good. Oh, and it was finally my turn to read The Testaments! I was on hold forever.

Hope everyone is staying healthy !


It’s been awhile

Even though I was at SCCA for labs each week all month, I hadn’t been upstairs in a long time. I also hadn’t been here since covid became a larger outbreak, so I was surprised to find them screening for symptoms at the elevators in the parking garage.

The remodel of the fourth floor lobby is complete, looks great, and does provide more seating. I talked with Christen who said my labs are in excellent condition. She still wants to keep me on just the methotrexate for now and then check labs in two weeks. I’m just waiting on my vincristine infusion and I’ll be on my way.

And a couple quick hits because I get asked all the time: I am not currently immunocompromised – my immune system is just as good and capable as anyone else’s right now. In fact, Dan and I both had colds last week and I tolerated mine better and recovered more quickly than he did. The gym is still open, and we’re doing extra cleaning and encouraging frequent hand washing. For every parent pulling their kid out, there’s another asking if we will please run extra open gyms because many schools are closed and their kid is driving them nuts.

Dan is accompanying me partway to my competition in Eugene this weekend, stopping off in Beaverton with his aunt Pam. The meet emailed this week to say everything was still on, though we joked that we were surprised they hadn’t uninvited our gym specifically for his proximity to the outbreaks.

And a very happy birthday to Ben and Noah Parrott, who are two years old today!


Another day, another blood draw

All my numbers are back up and looking great. For some reason they don’t want me to re-start the mercaptopurine, but they do want me to take methotrexate this weekend (it’s only taken weekly). So I’ll pick it up Friday and then take it Friday or Saturday.

In other news, Dan and I have started making our own barbecue sauce, inspired by a sauce that used to be carried by Costco but is no longer there. https://leitesculinaria.com/39054/recipes-chipotle-maple-barbecue-sauce.html We’ve been enjoying it on our instant pot pulled pork.


Just labs

I went into SCCA just to have my blood drawn and it was all relatively painless. My neutrophils went down a little bit so they’re going to have me stop the mercaptopurine for now and also continue to hold off on the methotrexate. This round has been so strange and different from what I expected. I thought I’d just take the pills and show up for the infusion and that would be that, but it’s all so back and forth.

I made this: https://www.budgetbytes.com/african-peanut-stew-vegan/ but with stew meat and turkey stock, because I saved all the broth from last week and wanted it to go to a good use. It’s very delicious and Dan liked it, though he said it’s something he would eat over rice. I said I considered that but then decided to make it lower carb by just keeping it as stew and he said that was a good call.


How it went

Just thought I’d let you know how the cooking went.

The cheesecake turned out amazing! I am eating my words from when I said I didn’t know why anyone would want to make a cheesecake in the instant pot. I blind baked the crust so it was nice and firm, and then the cake itself was creamy and delicious. We topped ours with fresh raspberries. So good.

I realized I didn’t include my turkey breast recipe. https://www.crunchycreamysweet.com/instant-pot-turkey-breast-recipe/. This was so delicious. The turkey was so flavorful and moist. Dan said we need to make sure it for company sometime.

Last night we also had an amazing dinner- Dungeness crab quesadilla AND Dungeness crab Mac and cheese, and then Dan had butternut squash ravioli and roasted chicken, and I had a steak. Yum.